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Living the good life: how do we build ESG into our residential developments?

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This React News webinar will unpack the key characteristics of more and less successful approaches so far. • What are the most effective approaches and strategies we’ve seen from both lenders and developers, versus what are the least effective (or most problematic)?• Evaluating the factors causing the residential sector to fall behind the commercial sector […]

That’s Techtainment – why the studio sector is ready for takeoff

React News Webinars

With streaming services gobbling up ever-more of the consumer pound and the UK government throwing its weight behind the film industry, the studio sector is ready for a revolution. A dramatic shortage of suitable space is creating an opportunity for investors and developers to create state-of-the-art facilities to fill the gap and get a foothold in the nascent area. But doing so will require specialist knowledge and plenty of capital.

Development powerhouses – coming to the fore when the market’s running out of product

React News Webinars

With many markets fast running out of product and occupiers desperate to expand, there is only one way to create more product – build it. Given the market dynamics it should be a fine time for developers to make hay. But getting the right sites under control and warehouses out of the ground, while maintaining a healthy profit margin amid fierce competition is no easy feat.