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Famine to feast: are there now too many London offices to buy?

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This year began with a dearth of new London office stock as the pandemic continued to delay would-be sellers from launching product to market. Fast forward six months and a string of trophy office buildings have been offered for sale in recent weeks as investors are lured back into the capital. But will they all sell and who will be buying - and will the increased stock have any impact on pricing?

Will operators Flex their muscles post-pandemic?

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Join Chris Borland, React News editorial director as we explore the future of flexible workspace in a post-pandemic world. A growing number of corporate occupiers are embracing a shift to permanent flexible working, including Standard Chartered, which signed a deal to allow 95,000 employees to use 3,500 IWG offices. On one hand there has been a growing appetite for enterprise deals, although, on the other some flexible operators had to cut rates to survive the pandemic. The discussion will focus on how workspace solutions will work in the future.

Shed Club Heaven: What occupiers really want

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In React News’ next edition of its Shed Club Heaven webinar series, alongside an all-star panel, we will be exploring what investors and developers need to do to help take their tenants to the next level.