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Run by the UK’s most experienced journalists, with a proven track-record of breaking the biggest real estate stories in the market, React News is the best place to find crucial, business-sensitive information before the competition - so much so that 67% of the exclusive transactional news in the European English-language market is published by React News.

The heavyweight editorial team has consistently and obsessively been at the forefront of setting the news agenda for the industry – a trend which is only accelerating with time.

Delivering both AM Bulletins and PM Alerts packed with proprietary content, we give our subscribers a competitive advantage in the real estate markets.


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React News provides news and analysis that you can't get anywhere else; giving our subscribers an advantage in the competitive marketplace. We published more than 1,000 exclusive, first-to-market stories in our first year of existence, and our exclusive tracker says we break close to 70% of the transactional exclusives in the UK&I real estate market.




Greater regional focus

React News is committed to market leading coverage from across the UK and Ireland, including exclusive content and the biggest news stories from the 'Big Six' regional markets and beyond - and in Europe, as below.

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